Botanical Khaki Exotic Lily Floral Shirt

Botanical Khaki Exotic Lily Floral Shirt

Simon Carter
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This shirt is a sort of opera, with a magnificent spotted lily 'diva' supported by a chorus of exotic forms. Flowers, leaves, pods, seeds, husks, carapaces gathered from steamy tropical forests are composed on a mysterious khaki ground. Mixing the burgeoning and emergent, the vibrant with the vestigial, scattered, spent...Conspicuous and unusual use is made of the colour orange. Certainly the most dramatic shirt of the season. A thing of rare beauty. 'Moore' three button cuff. It has a tailored fit and is made from a medium weight cotton shirting. Available in collar sizes 15” to 17.5”. Simon Carter recommends caring for your garment by laundering at 30°C and iron or dry clean.

- Tailored fit

- Three button cuff

- 100% cotton

- Launder or dry clean

- Sizes: 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5

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